TOPQ E PRODUCTS (Pty) Ltd was founded in 2013 when it was realized that there is a big need for people to either kick the habit of smoking or being able to smoke in areas not permitting the traditional way of smoking.

We are fully committed to providing an efficient service, in order to ensure our clients’ satisfaction. Furthermore, our on-going liaison with clients through our sales personnel, pro-actively anticipates the needs of our market and through an effective up-to-date sourcing process, satisfy those needs at the highest international level available.

TOPQ E PRODUCTS (Pty) Ltd has an on-going training programme that focuses on employee motivation, and ensures that the latest technological trends are communicated to all relevant personnel and clients.

We provide a reasonably priced service that is designed to maintain a long term relationship with all our clients.

We are known in the market for the capability of:

  • Selling quality products at all times.
  • Backing our products with a no questions asked replacement program.
  • Selling a wide range of products to satisfy every need.
  • Various price and model options available.
  • Being well equipped to service and respond to our clients, both locally and nationally.
  • Customer orientated, flexible and responsive to market requirements.


Our customers will always find the following consistent qualities among employees:

  • Loyalty to the company and customers alike
  • Market leading business orientation
  • Customer driven
  • Urgency to respond to satisfy customer requirements
  • Competency to deliver excellent service with integrity


Company Data

  • Registered Company Name :                                                                TopQ E Products (Pty) Ltd
  • Company Registration nr :                                                                      2013/167079/07
  • VAT Registration nr :                                                                                 4230264386
  • Income Tax nr :                                                                                              9182822180

Company Address

  • Postal Address :                                                                                           PO Box 1132, Sanlamhof, 7532
  • Physical Address :                                                                                      Unit 3B Park Alpha, 6 Du Toit Str, Bellville