The Green Side of E-Cigarettes

Do you know that with e-cigarettes you can kill two birds with one stone? That’s right! You can improve your health and save the environment in one full sweep – here’s how… E-Cigs are Reusable Well, the rechargeable ones, of course. You do get disposable ones, but for the Earth’s sake, we suggest you stear […]

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WIN an E-Cigarette and E-Liquids worth R900!

If quitting smoking is a priority in 2015, TopQ is giving you the chance to get one step closer to achieving it…with our e-cigarette and e-liquid competition! Replace a Habit with a Habit Someone clever once said, “New Year’s resolutions are about someday.” With the staggering statistic of 92% of people who set them don’t […]


What is an E-Liquid?

So you’ve read TopQ’s e-cigarette glossary and familiarised yourself with words like vape, throat hit and e-liquid? But you want to be informed rather than familiar – especially where your health is concerned…we hear that! We thought we’d clear the air – one term at a time. And seeing that you’ll actually be consuming it when […]


E-Cigarette Fun and Fast Facts

There’s more to e-cigarettes than vaping. Here are some interesting, fun and even quirky, facts about the electronic cigarette you didn’t know… Never Lose a Lighter Again… …and even if you do, so what?! You don’t need it anyway! You’ll be laughing your way to vaping heaven while your traditional cigarette smoking friend searches high […]


E-Cigarettes while Travelling Abroad

Are you a traveller who uses e-cigarettes? There are a few things you’ll want to take into consideration when travelling to certain countries. War on Electronic Cigarettes You may be travelling to a country free of war in the traditional sense, but there is an all-new, modern war being waged – that is, on the […]


E-Cigarette Etiquette

“If smoke is bad for you and e-cigarettes are smokeless, then surely they’re safe for public use?” While this is a logical train of thought, it is one to which only a few subscribe. That’s why it’s important to be mindful before “lighting up” in the company of others, particularly non-smokers. Here are few tips […]

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Give an E-Cigarette Gift this Christmas

With the festive season being around the corner, we’re sure many people are thinking about their New Years’ resolutions. Well, did you know that last year quitting smoking was ranked one of the top 5 unfulfilled self-promises? This Christmas, help your smoker-friends, hubby, cousin or whoever along with an easy e-cig stocking filler. Or heck, […]

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What’s your Flavour E-Liquid Competition

[COMPETITION CLOSED] Do you fancy yourself an e-liquid flavour alchemist? Mixing to your own preferences is one thing, but what would another vaper think of your concoction? Let TopQ help you find out… E-Liquid Mixing Competition We’re giving you the chance to prove your flavour-mixing mettle. Simply choose any of TopQ’s e-liquids and blend them […]