How to Smoke an E-Cigarette

You might think smoking an e-cigarette isn’t rocket science. You’re right. It’s not. It is quite similar to the act it imitates, but vaping an e-cigarette does have its own code of conduct. Here are some tips from TopQ on how you can get the best experience out of smoking your e-cigarette… Smoking vs Vaping […]

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The Anatomy of an E-Cigarette

The e-cigarette, with all of its random parts, might make you wonder if you’d ever be able to wrap your head around this smoking alternative. Clearo-what?! That’s right. There are probably even bits that you’ll barely be able to pronounce. Let TopQ show you how putting an e-cig together is easier done than the word […]

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E-Cigarettes vs Traditional Cigarettes

E-cigarettes offer a wealth of benefits when compared to their traditional counterparts. While the health advantages that come with this smoking alternative have been touted the most, the rewards extend far beyond being tobacco free. Here are some reasons TopQ rates you’ll want to put down the butt… The Cost-Effective Electronic Cigarette Apart from saving […]