Give an E-Cigarette Gift this Christmas


With the festive season being around the corner, we’re sure many people are thinking about their New Years’ resolutions. Well, did you know that last year quitting smoking was ranked one of the top 5 unfulfilled self-promises? This Christmas, help your smoker-friends, hubby, cousin or whoever along with an easy e-cig stocking filler. Or heck, who says you can’t get yourself a pressie too?!

Here are some e-cigarette gift ideas perfect for both avid vapers and those who are looking for a solution to their smoking…

E-Cigarette Starter Kit

So your friend has been thinking about doing the e-cig swap for some time? But whenever you check in – “How’s the vaping going?” – you’re met with “They’re expensive” or quoting of some myth floating about the net. Why not stub out the excuses with an affordable e-cigarette starter kit? They come with everything they need to get onto a smoke-free path, including a battery and charger. Sometimes a free replaceable bit comes in one too – like an extra heating coil. A start kit will also save your friend a buck in the long run – and probably a lot more than that…


Gift them E-Liquids

Choosing e-liquid flavours is quite literally like walking into a sweets shop – the options are endless! Surprise your vaper-friend with a flavour they’ve never tried. You’d be surprised at what you might stumble upon on the interweb. They’ll love you for supporting them through their transition!

E-Cig Accessories for Christmas

Who doesn’t love an accessory or two at Christmas? Cellphone covers, sunglasses, laptop cases…these are a few of our favourite things. We also love e-cig accessories! There are loads floating about too, like attachable moustaches, novelty drip tips and awesome leather carriers. Let the Internet be your e-cig accessory playground!


Bring them Closer to Family

With their brand-new e-cigarette by their side, your smoker-friend won’t have to excuse themselves from Christmas celebrations when they get the urge. They can simply whip out their new pressie and vape at the table, or by the tree during carolling?

Don’t get “burned” without a pressie for your loved one this Christmas. Ship your e-cigarette gift today…

by TopQ