The Green Side of E-Cigarettes


Do you know that with e-cigarettes you can kill two birds with one stone? That’s right! You can improve your health and save the environment in one full sweep – here’s how…

E-Cigs are Reusable

Well, the rechargeable ones, of course. You do get disposable ones, but for the Earth’s sake, we suggest you stear clear of these. The environmental cost of manufacturing them simply doesn’t add up considering you’re going to toss them not long after.

The real eco-saver is the rechargable e-cig. Most are powered by a lithium-ion battery, like TopQ’s which has a long lifespan – in smoker terms, that’s up to 250 puffs. One battery can last for months, whereas one box of traditional smokes will last for a day (if you’re lucky). The batteries of disposables also go flat after a few days – no power = no puffs = chuck out. No good!


You can Recycle E-Cigarettes

E-cigs can be made from both plastic and metal, which are both recyclable. Check with your local recycing centre regarding guidelines for electronic waste disposal.

E-Cigs Create No Litter

Let’s face it; traditional smoking is a messy business – just look to the average neighbourhood street side. Much like litter-menace bubble gum, cigarettes get tossed once they have been spent. But not in a rubbish bin, as one would expect and hope for – the ground (and eventually sewers, etc), unfortunately, is seen as a suitable dumping ground for many a cigarette butt by many a smoker.

What’s startling is that there is in fact over 900 mllion kilograms of butts are improperly discarded annually. And they take as many as 10 years to decompose! Scary, hey?! But thankfully there are reusable and recycleable ecigs, like TopQ’s, out there for enviro-conscious smokers to turn to.


No Chemical Treatments

Tobacco is often treated with a large amount of pesticides. These get absorbed by the soil, ending up in waterways and the food chain. Not only are pesticides harmful to the environment, but also to the workers on the tobacco farms.

Ready to make the eco-friendlier switch? Maybe TopQ has an e-cigarette to get you on a greener (puff, puff) path.

by TopQ