Tips on Mixing E-Liquid Flavours


Mixing your own e-liquid can seem quite daunting at first, but you don’t have to be a mixologist or e-liquid master to create the right flavour. After all, it’s all about your taste…not anyone elses.

Here are some TopQ tips to mix all-new flavours…

Reasons to Mix E-Liquid Flavours

The first reason that springs to mind is different strokes (or should we say smokes?) for different folks. That is, what one vaper likes another may not. And these preferences can vary from person to person…

“I mix my e-liquid flavours to reduce the nicotine.”

“Mixing e-liquids allows me to express my creativity.”

“It tastes less sweet this way…”

The list can go on and on. But these are some of the more common reasons. We share how to mix e-liquid flavour to solve the above scenarios.

Mixing to Reduce the Nicotine

Trying to slowly wean yourself off nicotine? Why not mix your e-liquids with nicotine-free ones? By adjusting the ration of nicotine-infused with 0mg nicotine e-juice regularly, you can change the amount you consume over time. TopQ has a wide range of 0mg nicotine e-liquids in our range.

And if you’re not confident about your mixologist capabilities (“What if it tastes like castor oil?!”), no sweat. You don’t have to go as far as mixing flavours, because it’s not a new flavour you’re after. With that said, it’s quite alright to mix e-liquids of the same flavour and different nicotine levels.



The Creative Mixologist

Your taste buds could just want a change of scene. They’ve been to the tropics (read mango, etc flavours) and the Wild West (tobacco). They’ve also had enough modern influence (chewing gum and energy drink). They just want something made specifically for them.

Mixing e-liquids will give your taste buds that unique flavour they’ve been craving since their first puff. Let e-liquids be your creative oyster. Mix and match TopQ’s 15 flavours to bring to life your own.

E-Liquids are S(ch)weet!

Yes, they are. But we don’t mean in the awesome sense. E-liquids come in a variety of flavours that range from sweet to savoury. While most of our taste buds love the savoury side of e-juices, the sweet ones simply have more saccharine than they can handle. Adding another e-liquid flavour to it can counteract the sweet taste and bring about a pleasant balance.

Now that you know some reasons to experiement with e-liquid flavours you can explore the endless possibilities. Your only limit is your imagination…

by TopQ